Friday, December 28, 2007

In print

Both girls were "published" this week. Timber had her picture with a 4th grade girl reading to her at school in the local weekly newspaper. The article was on READ. Wasn't a bad shot - Timber was lying down "listening"!! The article described what we do at school and the "Doggie Bag" program. Rissa was on the front page as the "reindog" with Santa in our work publication... The Christmas fair by employees, for employee assistance raised 5,700 dollars!! Between work, being sick and the holidays.... we haven't done any visits in the past two weeks.... I am scheduling our January dates for visits, library and school will start again 1/3! Dog scouts also will start mid January! I will be curious to add up our hours and number of visits for 2007 very soon! Rissa might have logged enough visits for her "50" pet therapy patch or she will very soon. Happy New Year...

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