Thursday, December 20, 2007

March 2007

We made 4 visits to the hospital this month. Continued our READ training - 2 more observations with Kelvin and MJ. Rissa and I started visits at a assisted living and Alzheimer's unit. Jezzzz - too bad I have to work... we could do visits everyday. I am thoroughly enjoying all we are doing and Rissa does too. She KNOWS when we are going on a visit - I put her "clean" collar with her tags ( TDI and READ). Wag Wag Wag..... Timber goes along for the ride since she can't visit yet as she still needs one TDI observation. We started the preparations for our READ "stuff" - I decided Rissa would be lime green ( goes nice with her brown fur) and Timber would be pink ( nice with her jet black coat).... Bookmarks, vests, paw print stamp, ink pads, stickers, dictionary, signs, collecting books for our library and new books to give children..... I had fun making and collecting our READ bag tools! We practiced our "pawtographs" - when a child reads 12 books - they get a new book to take home and it gets "pawtographed" by the dog.... this will take some practice - maybe trimming the fur around the dogs pads?? I am no stranger to ink/footprints as I do this at work frequently.... newborn babes do not have fur!! I gave up trying after having green and pink ink on me, the dogs and the floor....

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