Thursday, December 20, 2007

November 2007

4 hospital visits this month. 1 living center visit (I had to cancel one visit due to an emergency at work...) 3 Timber visits at school and 1 Rissa school day. 1 Timber READ at the village library. 1 Dog Scout meeting. Whew!! I enjoy all our activities and the dogs do too -or else I wouldn't have them participate.... I believe I see a difference in the 6 children that read to Timber. Most of them also have 1:1 time with a reading teacher etc... Timber is only 1 small part of their program. The sweetest event of this month was the group reading with Rissa at school. The librarian read to the kindergartners (Rissa surrounded by the 5 year olds) - the book was on (what else?) dogs.... heel, sit, come etc..... Rissa then demonstrated all the commands in the book to the class... squeals and applause for Rissa! To cute! We also launched the "Doggie Bag" program at school today. This is another way for more children to participate with the dogs. I brought the idea to the librarian - and she got it all ready in 1 week! Each class(k-4) has a tote bag with a journal, crayons/pencils and a small stuffed chocolate lab(Baby Rissa). The teacher picks 1 student each week to take the bag home (teacher has put books of the child's reading level in the tote) - at home, the student reads to "Baby Rissa", takes her on an adventure and writes in the journal (or draws) about it. I can't wait to read some of the journals. Another event of this month - we were asked to speak at a local Rotary Club meeting. I was treated to lunch and the girls hung out being their charming selves.... I spoke on Pet therapy and READ to the group. A local newspaper publisher was there as a participant and might give me some books to give the children! They are given books by a publishing company to give away! I hope I can get some.... My resources for finding free books is drying up and I will have to start purchasing them now. The dogs visited around while I spoke. I believe we were well received and we educated on READ. After I left, I was told by the woman who sponsored my speaking - the group felt she had set the bar high and they would have a hard time bringing in speakers to top us!

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