Thursday, December 20, 2007

October 2007

3 visits at the living center with both dogs. 1 visit at the hospital. We met with the school librarian (Crystal) on the 10th, about the girls coming to school for READ. I will go weekly on Thursday mornings from 9AM - 11AM. Timber will read with 6 students, 1:1 ( 20 minutes each) three times a month and Rissa will do group reading once a month with the other children so they will feel involved in the program. The real goal is to improve the self confidence and increase reading and comprehension in the 6 students ( two from 3rd grade, two from 4th grade and two from 5th grade). We went on the 18th for introductions to K through 4th grade. Timber had her first "assignment" on the 25th! She was a peach and the kids loved her. The 6 children all started their bookmarks with a goal to read 12 books/chapters to Timber. We have a little nook in the library, pillows on the floor... there happens to be a window from a corridor behind us.... all through our first session - teachers and workers at the school kept "peeking" in on us.... trying to whisper their delight and enthusiasm with the start of READ in their school. OK - if that isn't enough - we also started to do READ at a small village library once a month on a Wednesday, after school.

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