Thursday, December 20, 2007

August 2007

2 visits to the hospital - Rissa and Timber. I take them in separately and share the visiting time. Rissa has more experience and is an old pro with visits - Timber is still snooping out the smells and making sure she is doing it "right"... 3 visits to the assisted living center with both. We have been participating in the summer reading program at the local library. Each dog is qualified - I find Timber is a better READ dog - and Rissa is a better therapy dog... Each dog functions in each role just fine... Rissa likes to kiss the kids to much (?flaw?) when they read. Rissa does better with crowds of kids. Timber is more attentive when being read to and crosses her paws which is quite adorable and endearing.... We attended the Annual READ tea at the library with the other dogs and all the kids that participated in the summer reading program. I am continuously amazed watching these 2 dogs with kids... they never had been exposed to children in their kennel careers and you would think they had grown up with a pack of kids instead of dogs. This month closed a different chapter in my dog life - my faithful Jordan died peacefully in my arms on August 10th.

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