Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year

We resumed our volunteer activities today. Timber went back to school and read with her kids. It was interesting to hear the difference when the kids don't read on their break. 2 of them that I mentioned before (seeing progress), today - read like they did in November, the improvement had disappeared.... The kids/staff gave Timber and Rissa Christmas gifts - a stuffed toy which Timber proudly carried out of school and continues to carry around the house.... I received a beautiful amaryllis bulb to plant/grow! We went this afternoon to the senior retirement home. I took Timber on one floor and Rissa on the other. Rissa was so happy to go visiting again! Timber is relaxing more on pet therapy visits - she now gets what she is to do... she wants to please and perform and waits for a command... she always looked to me for instruction... Now she is visiting on her own and knows what her "role" is... My memorable moment from today is seeing Rissa lean on a gentleman's leg and his wheelchair - she perfectly positioned herself so he could pet her easily... he petted her and talked to her... her eyes were at half mast and she was in doggie bliss...

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