Monday, March 3, 2008

Pet Therapy in-service

Today I presented a lunch and learn noon in-service to a group of 10-15 folks. All had packets I made with info on how to become a certified pet therapy team, book marks, what you can do as a therapy team etc... A doctor at work has a sheltie which she uses in behavioral health and another new therapy team that just started attended. SO - 4 dogs that all got along very well attended. I made cookies in dog bone shapes for a snack... I was glad some people attended and the effort was worth it as there were a few folks who attended that really wanted the info and some who just came for some "therapy" ... Both the girls were very well behaved. It is so pleasant to walk with both dogs heeling.. we brought the extra cookies to the med/surg nurses - and the girls got MORE attention and love... No school this week as the kids are having some testing of some kind...


verna said...

Dear Pam,
Brandi and I just read your newest entry. Dogs are doing great. You as well.
A Verna

Pam said...

Thanks for reading it! I hope to add a picture from the in-service soon. Pam