Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pawtograph #2

Another of Timber's students completed his book mark and received his new book to take home... He chose one on dogs! I have a fabulous photo of him to add to Timber's scrapbook - (I can not place the photos on here or I would. It would require forms and parents approval etc...) We are preparing for Rissa's group reading day in February - we are going to make all the kids "dog tags"... I will make a template out of a dog cookie cutter and copy one of Rissa's tags on it... then the librarian will make them, laminate and use yarn for the necklace... we'll distribute them to the children on their reader dog day! We attended our monthly Dog Scout meeting this past Sunday. We had a nice talk on clicker training from Tracy (one of the leaders) - also planned for troop activities, fund raising... We started taping our Dog Scout of America testing video... Since there are no testers in Maine - we all have to video tape our application... Nice we have some tech people in the troop who have DVD cameras and lap tops and know how to use them!! We had our holiday pot luck and Yankee Swap too... Everyone liked their gift and NO ONE traded or "stole" ... Timber got a stuffed porcupine and continues to carry it around and present it to me frequently throughout the day... She even takes it in the car.... Good thing no one "stole" it from her... Tomorrow we go visiting at the senior center...

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