Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday 11/5/10

Rissa is such a good girl. She played/visited with Ivy(yellow lab) and then we went to the retirement home for our rounds. Unfortunately the 2PM activity (sing a long) got moved to 3PM (our visit time) so many of our folks were "singing a long" in the dining room... We did find "Grace" in her room - who lights up when she sees Rissa - she mentioned something about the sing a long - I offered to take her - (Grace is a nervous type that spends a lot of time in her room - kinda anxious...) she agreed to go with Rissa! The sing a long was in another section of the building - not on her unit. She did fabulous walking there... (I had to let us out of the locked unit to take her) - she stayed for one song and saw I was leaving so she wanted to leave too... I got her to stay for 1 more song and they sang Happy Birthday to her - seems it is her 84th birthday today. She was overcome by the song but, still wanted to go back to her room - "didn't want to cause any trouble for anyone". Rissa is 84 in "dog years" so it was appropriate for her to walk Grace (Grace said) We got to make the rounds at the sing a long during our short time there - I thought Rissa might be bothered by the piano or singing - nada - she just wagged her way around the room saying Hi to anyone who wanted a little kiss from her. So, we didn't see all our folks but, we saw and spent time with the most important one today -the Birthday Girl.

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