Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today was a dog scout meeting a walk. Jillian and Rissa attended and then we strolled Jordan Stream trail. Saw 2 horse drawn carts and 1 mule drawn cart - all dogs stayed on the side of the path - no barking - respectful of the horses. Had Jillian or Rissa ever seen a horse? Then 4 of us ate at Jordan Pond house on the lawn. Yummy popovers! The girlz were great at the outside restaurant. Behind Jillian's close up is Jordan Pond. Cirra (white dog) and you can't see Bruno on the other side of the table.


Colleen said...

From knowing with Lab experience (and any dog really), I think your dog (Jill) is hoping for a popover!

Timber said...

Yes, Jill would eat anything I gave her - she did not get a popover ($3.75 each) Cirra did get a popover tho.

Colleen said...

Al would STEAL a popover, no doubt!! lol