Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday 4/23

Pet therapy day. Took all 3 girlz and shared the visits. Rissa went to MDIH and saw many folks. We were there almost 2 hours. Took Jillian in to Safe Harbor (memory unit) saw a couple new folks that had moved in... One new resident, the activities woman brought to see, - smiled... "she hasn't smiled since she has been here" Loved Jill "but I don't think they will let me keep her here" she says to me. Jill just laid against her leg and she petted her soft ears. I switched dogs and took Timber to Pleasant Cove(assisted living) - we only got to visit one woman but, it was a timely visit - she had just been told her younger brother had died... "Oh, you are just what I need today" as she hugged and snuggled Timber. Since Timber only got to visit one woman - I took her to Safe harbor on the way out - I went back to the new woman that loved Jill - she says to me "I liked the one you had here yesterday" - she must have had a yellow or light colored dog in her life... she had no reaction to Timber at all. So, sometimes we make visits and it seems not to make much difference but, today all 3 dogs made a difference... Rissa snuggled in bed with a lonely woman in the hospital, Jillian brought joy to a woman adjusting to her new living space and Timber provided a small bit of comfort to a grieving woman.


Colleen said...

Such a love-bug, that Jilly!

Timber said...

Yup... all love bugs - Timber more so :)