Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rissa has fun at school

Today was group reading day with Rissa at school. What fun EVERYONE had. Grades K-4 came to the library to see Rissa. Each class read their journal on the adventures of "Baby Rissa" ( a stuffed little chocolate lab that goes home with children in a tote with a journal and books to read at their level. Each class has one and they take turns taking the bag/stuffed animal home) The K class had their journal completely filled with wonderful pictures and stories. There are even photos of "Baby Rissa" going on a sledding adventure. Rissa was in heaven - totally surrounded all morning by kids loving and hugging her. The stories were priceless of the adventures the kids took the stuffed animal on and what they read to her. "Baby Rissa" has been to Frenchboro, skating, sledding, made pancakes and has watched a number of Christmas holiday classic programs on TV! A second grade mother even made that class's "Baby Rissa" a fleece jacket in Rissa's color green! There is absolutely no way I could ever put in words the excitement, joy and enthusiasm the children had. The 2 wonderful librarians made Timber and Rissa dog tags on a yarn necklaces and all the children in the school got them. Mrs. Dow, Rissa and I went and visited the 5-8 classes.... we didn't know if they would want their dog tags BUT - all took them to wear! The photo shows the little tags on Rissa's collar. Even though I have observed Rissa's interactions with children many times - I am still totally amazed at her temperment. She enjoyed every second of our time at school and obliged any and all that wanted them - with her kisses... I will not be at school next week ( taking a little vacation) - BUT Mrs. Dow will gather the 7 children that read with Timber... they are going to work together and come up with a 25 word essay to nominate their READ dog Timber in a pet photo contest. A good activity for them! I have sent Mrs. Dow a photo of Timber in her READ vest to enter with the essay.

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